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Ranch Hand Provisions

Jerky Extravaganza Bundle- 25 piece

Jerky Extravaganza Bundle- 25 piece

From savory beef to exotic game meats, each jerky in this bundle is a testament to quality and flavor. Whether you crave the bold intensity of peppered beef or the sweet richness of maple duck, our Jerky Extravaganza Bundle has something to satisfy every palate. This bundle includes one of each of our 25 unique flavors. Makes for a great gift!


Includes: Peppered Elk, Hickory Elk, Venison Fire, Venison Mild, Peppered Venison, Hawaiin Pork, Chorizo, Honey Ham, Jalapeno Pork, Spicy Buffalo, Buffalo Mild, Smoked Buffalo, Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic, Alligator BBQ, Alligator Cajun Jerky, Alligator Cajun Stick, Alligator Mild, Peppered Turkey, Maple Duck, Wild Boar BBQ Stick, Wild Boar BBQ Jerky, Smoked Beef, Grass Fed Beef Stick, Grass Fed Beef Jerky and Pemmican. 

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